Probus Clubs provide the opportunity for retired or partially retired  professional and businessmen to meet regularly in a social environment to enjoy a drink, good food and good company. The basic rule is “a minimum of formality with a maximum emphasis on good fellowship and enjoyment”. The Probus Club of Teddington and Hampton meets for a luncheon (presently 22.00 per head) on the third Tuesday of each month at “The Thames Motor Yacht Club” at Hampton Court.

The Probus Club of Teddington and Hampton was founded in April 1973 in Teddington. At that time it was a purely luncheon Club and remained that way until the early 90’s when, with an increasing membership of around 50, there was a demand to provide more social activities, in which members’ wives, families and friends could participate.

Fortunately there were a number of members who excelled in that type of organisation and gradually the programme of social activities which we enjoy today started to emerge. Firstly there was the after-luncheon speakers programme which now provides a professional or semi-professional speaker at most of our monthly club luncheons.

Then the monthly pub lunch was organised, usually on the first Tuesday of each month. In the years since we have visited over 70 different pubs, many are revisited, and we have now arranged a pre-lunch walk around the local area for those willing and able.

Also introduced were coach outings to many places of interest, including stately homes, breweries, museums, exhibitions and many more. We have organised concert visits to the Royal Festival and Cadogan Halls and to the theatre. We try each year to organise a short holiday break and trips to locations in the UK and into Europe. We usually conclude each year with a grand ‘Dinner and Dance’ at a local hotel to celebrate another good year and to look forward to the next.

We have a limit to our membership due to the facilities that are available but when necessary we maintain a “Waiting List” for those applicants who wish to join as soon as a vacancy occurs.  There is an annual membership subscription (currently 20.00).

The Probus Club of Teddington and Hampton thrives on the participation of its members in the wide range of social activities it provides. It has always been a very well-established and successful Probus Club and always will be, but membership preference will always be given to those who want to actively participate in all the Club’s activities which have been developed over the years. Many of our members participate in the organisation of the club and its social activities which are well supported. We are a friendly club which thrives on the companionship and diversity of its members. Should you decide to apply for membership you would be very welcome.  You can do this by contacting the Honorary Secretary via our Contacts page.

We also helped to form the Hampton Ladies Probus Club in 1996 and try to co-ordinate our events with their diary.   The Ladies Club can also be reached via our Contacts page.

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